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Goju Ryu News

Gearing Up For A Fresh New Year

January 2015

OGKK dojos, here in South Africa and in Okinawa, prepping for a Fresh New Year!

Yudansha Membership

December 2014

OGKK South Africa has continued to grow and ends the year with a Black Belt Membership count exceeding 260 to date. Thanking all our instructors for their continued efforts in developing our...

Agkf Championships ~ Johannesburg

September 2014

OGKK Teams competed in the 8th Africa Goju Ryu Karate Federation Championships held in Johannesburg on 26/27 September 2014. The event formed part of first round selections for team inclusion to...

National Gashuku For Senior Black Belts

July 2014

A very high level gashuku was held on 18/19 July 2014
A very high level gashuku was held on 18/19 July 2014 at the Headquarters dojo in Durbanville. The purpose and outcome of this event was towards the preparation of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Dan...

National Championships - Oudsthoorn

June 2014

OGKK South Africa enjoyed an action packed weekend in the Southern Cape town of Oudtshoorn where teams from around the country competed in our 2014 National Championships for all ages. Old friends...

Nanadan (7th Dan) Promotions For Shibu-Cho Elias Kattan And Lilian Kattan

January 2014

At the conclusion of another extended visit to Okinawa during which they underwent gruelling training at the dojo of Kikugawa Hanshi (9th Dan), Technical Director of OGKK, Elias and Lilian Kattan...

OGKK 2013 Year End Activities

November 2013

Traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu has continued growing in the South African OGKK dojos nation wide. 2013 concluded with gashukus and gradings held in various locations.During the last 2013 George...

Action Packed September

October 2013

No South African Karate Association has ever experienced an action packed month like OGKK has this past September.Starting with the hosting of the Goju Ryu World Championships and then directly...

OGKK South Africa Experiences Whirlwind First Half of 2013

July 2013

• Visiting Okinawa in January for traditional training was senseis Jannie and Rocher le Grange from George. • Success at Western Cape and National All Styles championships in Durban for...

Seeing the Old Year Out

December 2012

We look back over an amazing year, thankful for continued growth in membership and interest in Okinawa Goju Ryu. Wishing all our members and friends every success for 2013.

Last Black Belt Gashuku for George by Sensei Jannie le Grange

December 2012

Black Belt gashuku conducted at OGKK George during which the following members underwent Dan gradings: To Nidan: Cundell Statt. To Shodan: Robin Meeske, Andre van Tonder, Wilbur Grimsell,...

Youngest Ever

November 2012

Kian Lombaard aged 4, today became the youngest member ever to undergo grading test at OGKK Honbu dojo.

Year End RSA Honbu Dojo Black Belt Gashuku

November 2012

Conducted by senseis Elias and Lilian Kattan, the two full days of gashuku was a special event as it included 4th Dan gradings. The following members underwent Dan gradings: To Yondan:...

Stilbay’s Mrs Miyagi Keeping it Real

October 2012

Stilbay’s “Mrs. Miyagi”, sensei Brenda Neate, put her juniors through a day of karate, fresh air, sand and sun, followed by a year end function. This amazing woman has been teaching Goju Ryu...