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Karate: a Way of Life

Karate has developed from a need to survive and thus practitioners are entrusted with a legacy not to be disregarded, never allowing techniques developed out of life and death situations to become a show or performance.  Always reflect back to the origins when training, using sober thought to develop character, humbleness, respect and etiquette.

These values are to be emphasised over technique.


A good teacher is one who has undergone many years of intense training under circumstances both difficult and uplifting, irrespective of personal experiences and setbacks, without boasting. A teacher leads by example in all aspects of life, not only instruction in the dojo.

For this reason, respect and accept the knowledge and authority of the sensei.

The study of karate should become "karate-do", indeed a way of life which path leads to the cultivation of virtues such as honesty, humility, concern for others, patience and strength. 

With age and maturity these values support living a life of harmony and inner peace.

DOJO KUN advises on guidelines to attain these values.

  • Be humble and polite
  • Train yourself considering your physical strength
  • Practice earnestly with creativity
  • Be calm in mind and swift in action
  • Take care of your healthLive a plain and simple life
  • Do not be too proud of yourself
  • Continue training with patience and perseverance
  • When your fists rise, lower your temper, when your temper rises, lower your fists
  • Knocked down seven times, stand up eight times

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