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Sport VS Tradition

For those with a competitive spirit, sport karate can be very rewarding. However, at all times the athlete must remember that the distinction between win or lose is based on an impression made in a split second.

Rules and protective wear create a controlled environment that can lead to serious misconceptions of the true ability of the participants and must be guarded against. Titles and medals are only recognition for a moment in time.

However, competitors experience situations that cannot be simulated in the dojo. These help develop skills not easily achieved. Additionally, sport karate develops courage, determination and acceptance of failure. Also friendships and lasting relationships formed through cultural exchange that can enhance lives.

Always guard against the short lived moments of fulfilment as these soon disappear. Skills fail quickly if not grounded in the basics of traditional training, which requires continuous and arduous practice of fundamentals like kihon, kata and bunkai.

To win in competition or obtain a grade is only the surface of karate. The true value is much greater, which is understood when an indomitable spirit is cultivated through many years of training. Traditional values cannot be seen, only known by becoming part of one's life. Treasure old values while cultivating new, so that your karate-do can remain a part of your life for the longest time. This, irrespective of age, gender, strength and ability, should remain a priority.

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